Important Info

India, or the Indian subcontinent, as it is called because of its huge size, it really is a different kind of place.
India has it all - in a big way, and it expects the visitor an unforgettable experience and definitely unusual.

So before you go out to visit this magical place, we wanted to update you general information is important.

Many travelers fall caught up in it rogue group of Indians, a short drive from the airport to the Main Bazaar may develop unpleasant experience and result in significant expenses.

Order to avoid:
From the airport take 'prepaid taxi, taxi paid and get a receipt before you travel (cost about 400 rupees), they are pavilions outside the terminal.
Not get out until the arrival of the desired address.
If they tell you the Chabad House Close \ Main Bazaar Close \ There is no room in hotels \ have a holiday ... or things like that, then you will know that everything is crap !!!

Chabad House is located in Pahar Ganj Bazaar Main Street across from vishal hotel is open from 9:00 to 22:30

And waiting for you with a smile, an air conditioner and a glass of cold water (boiling Delhi)
So be strong and not to lie to you.