Address to Jewish matters in Delhi

That is exactly why we are here, even in a dark place spiritually like Delhi Rebbe sent emissaries,
Every Jew wherever he will be able to keep the Torah and the commandments proudly.
  • Synagogue - Shabbat and Holidays
  • Torah classes - every day if you want all day
  • Friday night dinner and Saturday
  • Activities holidays
  • Kosher Restaurant
  • mikve purity fancy for women
  • Jewish Library
  • Position tefillin - at your service
  • Activities with the children of the Jewish Indian community
  • 'chevra kadisha - Jewish burial.

Additional services:

  • Medical emergency call center for anyone who needs - and drugs
  • 'Honoring parents - free phone to IsraelPosition
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Coffee, tea, cake on the house - make yourself at home!
  • Assistance to prisoners who are in jail
  • Assistance for drug addicts