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Chabad House in Delhi - your home

This is the place where every traveler begins his journey in India and from which he returned home at the end.
According to official estimates, about 50 thousand travelers annually visit the bustling city.

About 15 years ago, first opened in the city - Chabad House, since with great devotion and in very difficult conditions Rebbe's emissaries run the place which is a ray of light in spiritual darkness,
An island of sanity in the sea of neglect and bustle, the source of living water to thousands of people who are looking for themselves.

Today Chabad House is a center of life for thousands of tourists who visit the place, hundreds of business people from around the world
Staying in Delhi on the occasion of their trade and the local Jewish community.

5 years ago, assumed the management responsibility Rabbi Shmuel and his wife - Rebbetzin Mira Scharf blessed memory.
They lived there with their small children and ran the Chabad superpower Delhi gloriously real dedication.

In November 2012 the Holy came to Israel because of handling visas. So happened to them and all of us great disaster! 15/11/12 Operation amud anan, into their home in Kiryat Malachi rocket was fired from Gaza, the family members were injured and Mira was murdered, of blessed memory.

Today Chabad House Delhi continues to work harder in memory of Myra and win her family.


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